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An Unapologetic Reality Check for Roleplayers by Roleplayers

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An Unapologetic Reality Check for Players by Players

Tired of communities that coddle bad players and ignorant moderators? So are we. Welcome to the dark side, for people not ashamed to tell the truth, nor cowardly enough to take it.

Have a question about a new character? Think your moderator/best friend has lost their head? Just overall lost with nowhere to go? We're here for you.

As of the Summer of 2006, Whateverplayer is gearing up to be the ultimate gamer resource! Promote games, give feedback on others, ask for advice and recieve it and bounce ideas off of one another.


If you want to stay you have to obey the following.

Stay on Topic
This is a gamer's resource, not some overall geek community. We want to see stuff about games, not about your pets.

Follow the Promotional Rules
If you want to promote, go right ahead. But we've got a few groundrules here.

1. Only one promotion per month. If you start spamming the community, you won't even get warned, you'll get banned.

2. All advertisements underneath an lj-cut. A lot of people don't care and don't want it cluttering up their friend's page. If you don't cut, your post gets deleted. End of story.

3. DO promote for communities you are in and are a part of. Is there a really cool game you think other gamers would be interested in? Let us know!

4. DO promote for game you didn't like. Is there a game out there you want to warn other gamers about? Let us know!

5. Advertising/Advice giving is still okay as well! If you have an advice question about a certain game that might lead to people getting interested, then by all means kill two birds with one stone.

Be Respectful

Unapologetic doesn't mean evil. If you get a little harsh and ranty, that's fine, but flamebaiting, childish namecalling and the like will not be tolerated. Banning can and will be used against you in the case of idiocy.

No whining

If you don't like the advice given to you, you're not entitled to follow it. However, making a public spectacle of yourself will just cause a celestial slap down like no other. The people who give advice here do so out of the kindness of their own hearts, but they are in no way professionals.

Stay on topic

Seriously folks.

Other than that, you should find your stay here to be pleasant. No topic is taboo and there's no such thing as bad advice.

tenchichan is the moderator of this community and reserves the right to delete, ban and otherwise keep the peace.

Props to
scotty2naughty and his community whateverfaggot which provided the basis for this community.