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A multi-leveled, somewhat confusing, question.
Handy Initial reference:
A-Potential problem (player)Ac-A's character
J-Blissful(ly unaware) Bystander #1 (player)Jc-J's character
K-Possibly Punished Prematurely (player)Kc-K's character
L-Opposite Opinion Offered (player)Lc-C's character
R.Virgo-Me (mod)

T-minus 2 months prior to the actual start of the game. A gets a hold of the Virgo and informs me that A and L have been listening to K create his character. It sounds like he's building a character to go after Nc in the romantic way. Among the worries offered are that there is a 15 year age difference between Kc and Nc, and that K is known for having his character wander off with the girlfriend of the game and never get involved with the party.

"Virgo," I inform myself, "That would be bad." and I create a handful of NPCs to fulfill whatever romantic need K has, secure in my ability to keep the player part of the party.

The game begins. K does, indeed, latch onto an NPC and its fine. He's not nearly as clinging as I was led to believe, and seems content with a wistful sort of crush-slash-adoration from afar. I relax and settle into the swing of things.

Which is when Ac develops a deep and abiding crush on Jc. Several conversations are had, including with K (who has no idea that he was cock-blocked by his mod), and L as well as with A.

K informs me that he thinks Ac is acting far more slutty than he was proposed. L sees nothing wrong. A states that Ac is perfectly fine. J is oblivious, and none of us feel like upsetting her for something that isn't her fault.

At this time statements like "He knows that tight pants are sexy, and wants to look good for her" are floating around with "He doesn't think its sexual, just flirting" in the same player-mod conversations. This Virgo begins to develop a severe antacid habit and a twitch below the left eye.

As part of this game I am attempting to balance out the number of important solo scenes that everyone gets. There is an even round of trauma, clue gathering, or fluff, with everyone getting an important scene or a fluff opportunity before the next round of important things happens.

A has blown three scenes. An Q&A scene where he didn't ask any useful questions of someone who had been tortured and escaped, the scene where he was supposed to tell the party what he'd learned and instead had a crying fit, and a scene where Ac was comforting a friend of his who had nearly died. Said NPC friend had more clues to give.

A's suggested way of making Ac less useless was to give him more fight scenes. Private ones, where he would have to fight off single-handed the villains who are currently overpowering the experienced adventurers. This is a 0-level campaign.

The Virgo's points:
-Ac was presented as sexually stunted and happy to be so
-Ac is now running around in sexually provocative clothing and flaunting his body at J
-A made a character that would cling to a strong-willed woman like a limpet
-A came to the Virgo pre-game start requesting that Kc be cock-blocked from Jc and then
-A swooped in on Jc

A's points:
-Ac is so sexually stunted that he doesn't think flirting=sex
-Ac does not think that "sexy clothing" is necessarily sexual
-A is playing due to in-character reasons, while K was going to build his character just for that reason

K's points:
-Ac is a lot more sexual than K thought he'd be
-A is drama-whoring most of the scenes in such a way that Jc and Lc are outraged when Kc asks Ac to please tell them what important plot points he found out
-Kc is feeling unwelcome by most of the party and K doesn't know how to fix it

L's points:
-A has talked about Ac in a way that is consistent with how he's played
-L would rather the plot took a long time because it is fun

J is still oblivious.

This Virgo can not kick A out, as A is the person who formed the gaming group. K, L, and J, are very good players. I have attempted causing Ac's suddenly blooming promiscuity to have negative effects, but these seem to be going over A's head. I have spoken with A four times at posting. Suggestions?
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