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Format: LiveJournal
Genre: X-Men (Movie-Verse and Comic-Verse)
Contact: (AIM: m33sh4 or mandsangelfox)
Website: x_menuniterp
Minimum Age Requirement: We only ask that the player be of mature age.
Format: LiveJournal
Genre: X-men
Name: X-men Unite
Contact: (AIM: m33sh4 or mandsangelfox)
Website: x_menuniterp [LINK]
Minimum Age Requirement: We only ask that the player be of mature age.
Deadline: N/A

Specific Requirements: AIM is required.

Game Description: Born with genetic mutations that give them abilities beyond those of normal humans, mutants are the next stage in evolution. As such, they are feared and hated. But a group of mutants know as the X-men fight for the safety of mutants and peacful coexistence between mutant and human kind. Their headquarters, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is more than just a base of operations, it is also a fully staffed school capable of taking in young mutants and teaching them how to control their powers. The students at Xavier's have all the responsibilities of high school with the added pressure of training to use their powers. Another such group of mutants has also emerged, who feel a change is comming. The Brotherhood, a rag tag assemblage of terrorists whose main objective is to initiate man's "awakening".

We are currently looking for players to fill one of our many open positions!!!

- (That's a good place to look)

We are a very established X-men RPG boasting two years of active force. Currently we are holding an application drive for canon and for the first time ever original characters. If you are hesitant to apply because you have reservations about our back history please vanquish those thoughts from your head, we like to work with our players and applicants until we can find a happy medium!

+ Setting: Because we're a mixture of movie-verse and comice-verse we have a strong foundation of canon, yet we strive for originality or uniqueness.
+ A lovely, responsive, and experienced mod crew, available pretty much 24-7
+ Reasonably canon; slash-friendly
+ Zero-tolerance for godmodding
+ An all-around friendly and laid-back atmosphere
+ Maturity is a must

We would be thrilled if you'd check us out and applied! There are other roles available besides the ones listed above, so by all means apply for the character you would feel most comfortable playing. Character list and any information you need can be found on the userinfo. And as stated before we are now accepting OCs!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions!

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