The K-Mo Shuffle (tenchichan) wrote in whateverplayer,
The K-Mo Shuffle

Moderator Update

::crickets chirp::

Is anyone out there?

Okay, here's the deal. I've been thinking of reinventing this community lately, and I have made some moderator decisions. This place is still going to be the premiere advice community for gamers, moderators, storytellers, dungeon masters and the like. However, there will be some new additions to the functionality of this community.

From now on... advertising is allowed!

This means if you've got a community about roleplaying, or an online RPG you want to promote, you are allowed to do so here. DO NOT post for non-role playing communities or anything. If it doesn't somehow connect to gaming, we don't want to see it.

But there's some ground rules first.

1. Only one promotion per month. If you start spamming the community, you won't even get warned, you'll get banned.

2. All advertisements underneath an lj-cut. A lot of people don't care and don't want it cluttering up their friend's page. If you don't cut, your post gets deleted. End of story.

3. DO promote for communities you are in and are a part of. Is there a really cool game you think other gamers would be interested in? Let us know!

4. DO promote for game you didn't like. Is there a game out there you want to warn other gamers about? Let us know!

5. Advertising/Advice giving is still okay as well! If you have an advice question about a certain game that might lead to people getting interested, then by all means kill two birds with one stone.

Look, the decision was made because of a couple of reasons. The summer is coming and I know most people like to roleplay over the summer, and will be looking for good games. But places like RPG_Promotion don't do a good enough job of finding feedback about a certain game, and you don't know what you might be getting into.

Not to mention, in places like this and Bad_RPers_Suck, passive aggressive advertising always happens anyways. Someone posts about a certain game and some problem and someone goes "I don't have any advice... but that sounds interesting. What game is it?"

This community is a gamer's resource. Bounce off ideas, find new players and get advice. We should work as a community to get gamers into the right games, and to make sure moderators are running things smoothly.

So, if anybody has any questions, drop a comment. And have a good summer everybody!
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