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Ok, I'm having a modly issue.

In my rp we had a problem with a character (Greed from FMA whom I pesonally know nothing about and now have a feeling doesn't fit in the rp at all)

I told this character because of the setting (A small town between two private schools) that any illegal activity would have to be cut waaaaaaaay down. We discussed every detail, she didn't follow.

I was on vacation and asked my other mod to deal with it. I knew they had bad blood, but both had expressed the abilty to talk about OOC mod stuff civily.

It...didn't go well. Now my problem is...eventually I know my mod got out of hand, but everyone on the other girls side said she started OUT out of hand. And I don't agree. But I dunno if this is basied or not. so the chat is below in it entierity.

Mod: So, like, has Terra talked to you about Greed yet?
Greed-mun: O_o No. I haven't been online in, like, three days.
Mod: Well, we aren't quite happy with all the drugs and prostitution and sex going on with him. Considering that Freedom is town of like. . .200 people.
Greed-mun: He's not distributing the drugs to anyone but Envy. O.o And he goes up state to New York to get them. The prostitution thing with Envy was a one time thing. Isn't going to happen again.
Mod: Even then, we still aren't liking it. We can't have an organization in Freedom doing anything even remotely close to that, they'd be kicked out in a minute.
Greed-mun: There's that slight problem of, you know, no one knowing about that? The only way anyone would ever know Greed has drugs is if they brought in a dog.
Mod: Rumors travel fast in a teeny, tiny town like Freedom, and trust me, if you weren't playing the only cop, there'd already be a dog.
Greed-mun: Rumors may travel fast, but that doesn't get a search warrent. Jamison would never be able to get a dog in even if he tried. No sane judge would sign the warrent.
Greed-mun: Jamison is more likely to go after Bakura, anyway. He does drugs quite openly. X_x
Mod: Chag, this really isn't up to debate. Terra and I, as the mods, don't like the way Greed is going. And you promised us it wouldn't be this way, otherwise we wouldn't have allowed him in.
Mod: And we are not fond of the fact that the sole purpose Greed seems to serve is to rape Envy.
Greed-mun: I promised he wouldn't be a pimp.
Greed-mun: That is not Greed's sole purpose.
Greed-mun: Just because the rest of the plot isn't yet off the ground doesn't mean it's not there.
Mod: Well, what is the plot?
Mod: Because Terra and I have something else in mind.
Greed-mun: As a matter of fact, Greed is going to be too preoccupied to worry about Envy once things get going. He's supposed to be getting involved with Krad and Shinobu somehow, not entirely sure on how they're working that. Basically, Shinobu is going to get his teeth into Greed and then Greed's going to have a lot of other stuff to worry about.
Mod: Thank you for being so specific.
Greed-mun: Thank you for being so sarcastic.
Mod: Given Greed, I'd like to know a bit more. Because if it doesn't get much better, we're going to end up booting him from the RP.
Mod: Love, don't forget, I'm a mod. And I've talked to Terra about this.
Greed-mun: Well, you know, maybe if it had been brought to my attention at the start of everything and all, and if I had timed to wring the final details from Sempai and everybody, then I would be able to give you a more specific answer.
Greed-mun: And I don't care if you're a mod. If you're rude, I'll sling it back at you. I don't take disrespect from anyone. Mod, god or president.
Mod: Does it have to do with sex and drugs or anything else that a cop would disagree with?
Greed-mun: That depends entirely on Shinobu.
Mod: Doll, that is so not the attitude to take when Terra and I are this far from removing your character from the RP.
Mod: As it is, I'm going to bring in cop NPC to investigate.
Greed-mun: But as for Greed's part, probably nothing more than assisting criminals.
Greed-mun: You know what, I'm not bringing any more attitude than you. So do not be disrespectful to me, and we will be just fine.
Greed-mun: Fine, go ahead.
Greed-mun: But make sure your cop follows the book.
Mod: So if Greed doesn't shape up, he's going to end up leaving the RP because he will be arrested.
Mod: Are you threatening me?
Greed-mun: No.
Greed-mun: I'm letting you know.
Greed-mun: That I don't take shit from people. You want realism. You've got it. But stuck to it.
Greed-mun: I don't like it when people up and change things all suddenly.
Mod: We told you we would be keeping a close eye on Greed. We brought up concerns, and you did not accept them well. There is a problem here, and it's not with me, and it is up to Terra and I to decide how to deal with them.
Greed-mun: I don't care if you bring a cop in. Go ahead.
Mod: There is nothing realistic about prostitution in a tiny town.
Greed-mun: Just don't throw realism out the window and not expect me to do the same.
Greed-mun: Have you ever even lived in a tiny town?
Greed-mun: The 'town slut' often gets paid, you know.
Mod: Fine, then. Will you be online tonight? We can RP then.
Greed-mun: I might, I don't know. I'm tired and I've had a long couple of days.
Mod: Town slut is so way different than bringing a shady bar in. If we were going for realism, there's no way the people of Freedom would have let him build. Jamison would have been in there daily to make sure everything was cool.
Mod: Have you seen Pleasantville? Think that. Think a town full of old conservative Christians.
Greed-mun: Greed did nothing illegal with the building, and the club is entirely above the line and things.
Greed-mun: Yeah, that was the fifties, dear. Pleasantville, I mean.
Mod: They can still bar development even if it is legal. The town has the right to revoke permits.
Mod: But that is what Freedom is like.
Mod: You may not like it, but that is how Terra wanted it, and that's how it is.
Greed-mun: Did anyone. EVER say that about the down? That it was in a bible belt or anything like that?
Greed-mun: town*
Greed-mun: 'Cause I don't remember seeing it.
Mod: Well, I'm sorry we didn't say that, but that's the way it is. And I would highly suggest you adjust your attitude, because right now you are on very shaky territory and I think Terra and I have plenty of reason to boot you.
Mod: Now, I have to go. Don't post any more Greed logs until we do one with my cops and him, please.
Greed-mun: Well, you know, when I'm feeling disrespected, I don't really care about shit like that.
Greed-mun: And I'm rather in the middle of a thread RP.
Greed-mun: So if you don't mind, I'd like to finish that.
Mod: I'm feeling pretty disrespected myself. I brought up a concern as a mod, and you argued with me. That is never cool. Finish that, but nothing, NOTHING more.
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