Graabir Boubi, the fucking ruckus wind (101486) wrote in whateverplayer,
Graabir Boubi, the fucking ruckus wind

Advice, I guess? (x-posted)

On Thursday, the game I co-mod will be starting a fairly decent-sized plotty-type-thing, involving the two main groups of the game in question. (The X-Men and the Brotherhood, namely.) There are about thirty or so people directly involved in the plot, with the total number of people in the game reaching a bit over one hundred player characters. I've planned to make Thursday last until Sunday, in character, if we need it to, and I'm going to try and be around as much as possible (it's journal-based), but hey, everyone has a life. The thing is? My co-mod won't be here, and while that's all find and dandy, I'm a little nervous.

So, I guess the point of this ramble is: Do any of you have advice for pulling plots off smoothly, especially in a large game?
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