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OK, so for tonight's D&D session I rather would desire your honest opinion/advice.

As we left off the game last week, my little chaotic-good gnome lvl 1 rouge was building up to a bit of a confrontation with some of her party members. She's hopping mad at them (or well to be honest fairly scared and determined ot to show it, so fright turns to anger) after a fight with what by luck turned out to be handful of hobgoblins. Where they, as far as she sees it endangered her own safety by charging blindly (in their privvies!) out of their position where they had the tachtical advantage and could have sat tight with the bow-twangers of the party delaying the advance, waiting for the foes to come to them. Thus giving the group ample of time to assess the situation, prepair for the fight and come up with a game plan.

They had made camp in a handy cave on high ground. When the party member on the last watch for the night poked his head out of the cave in the morning someone shot an arrow at him. Which caused most of the party to grab their weapons and rush out without even checking what they were up against. So they were lucky and it was just a handful of hobgoblins, but it could have been 30 orc warriors laying in wait in which case they's been well and truely smashed into a pulp and so put her safety in danger by getting killed.

She does not have any sort of deathwish whatsoever and keeping this lot alive by beating them over the head with a big stick until they aquire some common sense and try that team work thing, rather than running around like a bunch of headless divas with a death wish, seems right now to be her best bet for staying alive herself.

As I said, they were lucky and it was only a small party of hobgoblins, which got well and truely squished. All apart from one hobgoblin that was merely knocked unconcious. As it was getting late, we ended the game pretty soon after that, just as my little gnome were just getting warmed up working herself up to starting to yell at one particular member of the party - a human fighter. Who is going to bear the brunt of her anger as he a)was the first one to open his mouth after the fight was done and b)already was injured from a previous fight when he choose to throw himself headfirst into the fight.

Now that'd all be sunshine and kittens if it wasn't for the fact that this week, the player of that character have announced that he'll be late home and thus late online for this week's session. The poor guy has to stay late at work. Noone can fault him for that. (Not even I!)

But it does mean that this confrontation has to wait until he's got online (we're using openRPG). As it wouldn't be fair to him, or the DM (who will NPC his character until he can get online) to have my little gnome start yelling at his character when he can't defend himself (or make the DM NPC it).

So I'm sort of thinking of what I can distract my character with to diffuse the situation until everyone is ready for it.

And I remembered that unconcious hobgoblin....

It wouldn't really be that much out of alignment for a chaotic-good character to take her anger out on a fallen foe by interrogate/threatening/torture it - just a little bit of torture nothing that will leave any lasting damage and it is for a good cause! Would it?
She is hopping mad right now after all.

More about my little gnome. She's young, inexperienced (this is the first time she's been outside her home town but with a fantastic knack (well, with this being D&D barring unlucky dicerolls) with locks and traps (which is why she's in the party in the first place and not still back home)) with a rather naïve, romantic vision about this whole adventuring mi-larky. In other words she's just now finding out that it isn't all swashbuckling and dashing heroes riding around on shiney white horses wearing even shinier armour. Then a sing-song around the campfire. But involves boring things they never mention in the stories like lots or walking, blood and gore, blistered feet, and that trail rations gets really repetitive after a week or so. She'll get over it, get her confidence back and still be convinced that she's destined to become the greatest gnome hero since Brinddynock Brindle, but right now she's a bit shaken up.
In addition to this she's chatty, sassy, outrageously flirty (not in a serious trying to chat people up, but in the using endearments when talking to strangers and being fond of slightly off colour jokes and innuendoes. It's all part of this, look at me I'm a cute little harmless gnome - not in any way shape or form a threat to you so you can relax and not be threatening to me, kind of thing) when it comes to 'tall folks' (humans and the like).
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